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Drs. Sherzai and Sherzai discuss in their very informative book, "The 30-Day Alzheimer's Solution", cognitive decline and how to stave off Alzheimer's and other dementias, what to eat and not to eat, and the "NEURO Plan, as well as providing delicious whole-food plant based recipes. They also have a Facebook page group

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Dr. Will Cole describes in his book, "The Inflammation Spectrum: Find Your Food Triggers and Reset Your System", how reducing inflammation is front and center to living a disease free life. In his book you'll learn of recommendations to reduce inflammation and live a healthier and happier life. He explains how each individual

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I highly recommend, "Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing", by Anita Moorjani, to anyone who lives their life more to please others than they please theirself.  This book explains, in perfect detail, how putting yourself last can have dire health consequences. She goes into perfect detail how her near death experience changed her life and her priorities.


While many of us have heard it's imperative we get 7 to 8-1/2 hours of sleep, Dr. Matthew Walker shares pertinent and "aha moment" information regarding the importance of restorative sleep, what happens to our bodies when we don't and the many important functions, such as maintaining weight, brain cleansing,


Fiber Fueled
by Will Bulsiewicz, MD

"Dr. B" does a fabulous job educating the importance of fiber and implementing the "rainbow" of colors in our diet and how we can reverse dysbiosis in the gut to help regain our health and vitality.  If you're experiencing joint pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), depression, brain fog...you can feel better, be free of pain and have better mental clarity, better sleep habits, etc.



by Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park

I suffered from severe lower back pain but after seeing my chiropractor for almost a year I was ready to start yoga again to start working on stretching and strengthening my core. However, he didn't recommend yoga because he was concerned I could twist wrong and create setbacks on the improvements I had made and instead encouraged me to do Foundation.  Dr. Goodman suffered from 


Stretching is the most popular fitness book in the world, having sold over 3¾ million copies in 40 years. It has been translated into 23 languages. In this new edition there are stretches for improving the bad posture attributable to cell phone usage ("tech neck”), and for people using computers.

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The Enneagram Personality Test
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American Herbalists Guild

This is a great resource when looking for more holistic treatment options.