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Living in Gratitude

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Living in gratitude…what does this phrase mean to you? To me, living in gratitude means being thankful for all the blessings as well as life’s trials and tribulations. Oftentimes, being grateful for and trusting the process through the hard times is easier said than done. However, I’ve personally found that with trials and tribulations comes personal growth and better times ahead. But, I’ve also found that the more I’m grateful for and focus on the good things in my life, the more those good things show up for me. This means being grateful for our bodies, too, even when we don’t look or feel our best.

Healthy Grateful Woman

Your body is an incredible machine!

Have you ever stopped to consider what your body does for you? You breathe without ever having to remember to do it, your heart beats without you ever having to think about it, your brain is responsible for your learning, memory, and helps your nervous system function, you’re able to see, talk, hear, touch, have babies and even create milk in order to naturally feed your baby (I am in awe of that!), and your body even repairs and heals itself!

However, as you age, your body may not perform the way you would like it to…you may walk slower, your joints or back may ache, you may have put on a few extra, unwanted pounds, you may experience hot flashes, or you may be depressed or experience brain fog. But, this doesn’t mean you have to feel this way because it’s the “natural course of aging”. If you’re on medications, just by changing up your lifestyle a bit, you may be able to get off one or two, or quite possibly all of them, or at the very least reduce the dosage! Yes, it is possible by simply changing up the foods you eat, drinking more water and moving more! Is it going to happen over night? In all honesty, probably not. But, did you get to this point over night? No, most likely it took years…years of eating processed foods, not moving your body, overindulging on sweets, and sitting at a desk endlessly staring at your computer screen or making long commutes to and from work. At break time, you may have grabbed breakfast or lunch that came out of the freezer section, a box off the shelf, or a drive thru restaurant.

You’ve done your best, thinking that because you were eating something that included a label that read, “whole wheat”, “vitamin fortified”, “whole grain”, or “all natural” that you were doing your due diligence in eating healthy. The fact is you can do better by making small, incremental lifestyle changes towards the greater goal! You just need to know the lifestyle changes that must implemented in creating a healthier and sustainable life. The process is simple but it may not always be easy. It requires you to change your mindset when it comes to grocery shopping, cooking, movement, and what healthy food actually is. I’m here to support, encourage and cheer you on as you reach your goals! This can be a fun and exciting journey to your future beautiful self! All while being mindful and grateful for the incredible machine your body is! You may not be where you want to be right now but being grateful for your body and the amazing capabilities it has to regenerate and recover is a great start! I hope you feel just a little optimistic for what your life can look like three, six, or 12 months from now. Your future is looking so bright if you start taking care of your body now by just changing up one or two things to start. Let’s get started!

Up next, “Movement is Medicine”

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