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Hello and welcome to Aging Gratefully; I’m so glad you’re here!  My name is Rhonda and like you, I wear many different hats every day.  I’m 57 years old with a beautiful family and a full-time job.  I love spending time with my family and friends, being outdoors, bike riding, hiking, gardening, reading, meditating, going for walks, journaling, Dateline, and watching documentaries. I have a passion for learning how to best take care of myself in a holistic and balanced way, which includes spiritually, professionally, nutritionally, physically, socially, and emotionally.

My passion for wellness started when I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and received my certification as a health coach in 2013. I loved learning how doing something as simple as eating the “right” foods could contribute to my overall wellness. The biggest eye opener for me was realizing that what I thought was eating well, really wasn’t.  If you saw my refrigerator and pantry back then, you wouldn’t recognize it today…whole and clean foods with much less processed “foodstuff”!

As I get older and am dealing with the issues women do as we age, I am gaining a better understanding of how our hormones work and the role they play in our every day bodily functions, as well as the “gut/brain connection”.  I want to help women gain a better understanding of hormones and how they affect our bodies. I also want to help motivate them to change current lifestyle choices that could be keeping them stuck in pain, weight gain, and emotional and mental fogginess.  I want to be clear…I am not here to diagnose or treat. I am only sharing what has helped me with the hope that it can help others to become more aware that lifestyle changes can propel them forward to feeling better. 


I hope you’ll join me in open discussion in how we, as beautiful women, who still have so much to offer and contribute to society, can make small, incremental changes to better ourselves to live the life we want!