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And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows.

~ Audrey Hepburn

Treat yourself to the luxury of nature

Feel Better Naturally



Hello and welcome to Aging Gratefully. This is a community of like-minded women who have suffered trauma in some form and have never been able or took the time to process their emotions and their feelings that came with it. We've either stuffed our feelings deep inside so we don't have to "feel" or we've numbed them by diverting our attention to "soft addictions" such as TV, our phone, unhealthy relationships, or using meds/drugs.


My goal in sharing my story is to help women recognize and process their feelings and emotions and the importance of doing so. I'm 58 years old and always thought, "Shit happens to everyone, get over it already." However, I've learned that not feeling and processing my emotions, thoughts, and feelings keeps me stuck in the past and prevents me finding true happiness in the present.

So, I invite you to connect, learn, engage, and share your story. I’m so happy, excited and grateful you’re here!

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